What we do

Aviget is providing results-oriented, business-focused and cost effective solutions which helps you to drive your business forward.

Airline Technology

Let your airline benefit from our airline technology expertise. We can fulfill all your needs from initial exploration, sourcing, training and implementation stage, help you with running and maintenance of the system and system migrations.

Chat Bots

Increase potential of social media following with help of our bots. Save money by letting our bot be your first line of support.


We are here to help you with developing and growing of your airline business. We do offer aviation consulting services covering a wide range of topics, including GDS, ATPCO fare filling, OTA distribution, competitor fare comparing, system integrations, revenue management and more. We can also create for you unique tailor-made solutions, to address your specific airline needs.

Data Analytics

Get the right insights to support your critical business decisions. We can help you with setting up your data warehouse, getting insights from multiple internal and external sources, analyze big data, create and maintain data visualisation, help with ad-hoc reporting and automate your daily reporting.

About us

Benefit from our experience. Let's create something awesome together.

With multiple years of experience in aviation industry, we realised how important is it for the airline to set up their distribution strategy according to market needs. We know, that some markets can be particularly hard to tackle, without proper technological solutions.

We are helping the airlines to connect with their passengers in order to be able to make a booking according to market preferences, pay for flights and if any issues occur, such as flight delays or cancellations, try to resolve these as soon as they occur to minimise reputation damage.

Our goal is to allow the airline to provide ultimate passenger experience throughout whole journey.

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