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Be innovative and increase reputation of your brand using our bot. Using our bot, you will be available for your customers 24/7. Solve the problems at the time when they occur, all automatically.

    Book a flight

    Using a plain language chat, enriched with ability to select from predefined options, your passengers can book a flight.

    Lowest fare search

    After receiving a query from passenger about specific route, the bot will reply with multiple options sorted based on available price in ascending order.

    Price Alerts

    Your passengers will receive notification, if a price drops below the specified level on the selected route and flight dates.

    View Itinerary

    Send a booking confirmation and itinerary on messenger, so it can be easily shared with friends and family


    Conveniently send boarding passed with industry standard QR code, directly to the phone, so passengers can skip the queue at the airport

    Flight status

    Send flight status notifications, in case of flight delays, cancellations or gate changes.


    Ability to add baggage, priority boarding or other ancillaries to already paid booking

    Hotel booking

    Redirect your passengers to affiliate hotel / car booking website, for additional ancillary revenue


    Answer Frequently Asked Questions easily

    Easy Localization

    Easily localise bot for any language. Whether it is English, Russian or Chinese, our bot can speak the language your customers are.

    Detailed statistics

    Usage statistic, providing you detailed insights on bot performance.

    Collect Feedback

    Use bot to collect a feed back on recent flights from passengers.

    Don't waste your development resources

    The simple Plug'n'Play solution, which can be deployed in few days and already comes with rich features available straight away out of the box. Integration with your CRS can be done withing matter of days.

    Numerous advantages of using our bot

    Design better, faster, and more collaboratively with real-time, in-browser design collaboration and presentation tools.

    Enhance your marketing

    Cost Saving

    Reach new customers

    Fast Service Delivery

    Increase your reputation

    Improved Customer Support

    Personalise your distribution

    Get in Touch

    We are here to answer any questions you may have. Reach us and we will respond as soon as we can.